Applications : Riveting

Riveting, final assembly of metal parts by pneumatic and hydropneumatic presses

Riveting is a final assembly, i.e. it cannot be dismantled without destroying the fastener. It is an effective way to assemble two thin pieces.

The riveting of parts is done by compressing the parts to be joined together and then crushing one end of the rivet with the upper part of the tool.  The deformation of a rivet in such a way as to create a head ensuring the retention of the parts thus assembled. It is a safe and solid assembly. It is also resistant to vibrations thanks to the total filling of its housing. The riveting must ensure perfect contact and constant and powerful tightening of the assembled parts.

The most suitable presses for riveting are pneumatic and hydropneumatic presses because this operation requires a very high effort, especially at the end of the stroke, to form the rivet head.  The possibility of managing the lowering speed on the pneumatic and hydropneumatic presses provides the regulator with additional comfort.