200kg presses for parachemistry, perfumery, cosmetology

This series of rack and pinion presses has been manufactured entirely in stainless steel, this equipment has been made for a fragrance processor for the perfume industry.
These special presses are made in a very careful construction with pickled and passivated external welds and external polishing.

The stainless steel used for these rack presses has been validated with the client. Stainless steel is required by the food, pharmaceutical, para-chemical and cosmetic industries for obvious hygiene reasons, as the production environment is subject to repeated and powerful cleaning to avoid contamination.

Pathogenic proliferation sites are found in crevices and nooks and crannies. Stainless steel, an inert material, has a minimal surface roughness and an ideal cleaning capacity, and is perfectly resistant to the phenomenon of oxidation known as "rust".

The perfumery sector is also subject to strict hygiene requirements in order to combat the proliferation of micro-organisms and other pathogenic agents.

The characteristics of this equipment are identical to the basic model, the 2HR rack and pinion bench press, one of the best-sellers of the EMG brand, designed and produced for many years by the LONG company (74).