Applications : Manual / pneumatic presses in stainless steel

EMG : Manufacturer of stainless steel presses 


Manual presses in stainless steel           

EMG is a manufacturer of presses meeting the needs of Industrial companies and craftsmen. We design and manufacture presses adapted to the specific markets or environments of our customers such as, for example, for the food industry, pharmaceutical, chemical and electronics sectors.

Starting from a standard steel model, we make the necessary modifications, including 100% stainless steel fabrications of superior quality for presses that will be used in "clean rooms”.


The many advantages of a full stainless-steel press

The presses can be used in "clean rooms" for which their production must be protected from pollution. To meet this type of specific request, we can offer presses in a “full stainless steel” version.

The advantages of a stainless-steel press are multiple:

• No pollution of the working environment,
• Easy disinfection and significant sterile properties,
• Smooth and inert surface preventing the proliferation of bacteria and moulds,
• Corrosion resistance,
• Resistance to temperature variations,
• Antistatic properties,
• Hygienic properties
• Easy maintenance,
• Extreme durability.

We usually produce presses in 304L or 316L stainless steel. We can also manufacture a press according to your specific request. Our machines are assembled without grease, gasket or ring. In that way, you can use intensive cleaning techniques at high pressure or with foams without fear of a corrosive effect.

For less demanding “clean room” conditions of use, we offer presses with cleanliness treatments. The presses are shot-blasted (not painted) then they undergo appropriate surface treatments such as zinc or nickel plating for a perfect finish.


What types of presses can be made of stainless-steel?

Manual toggle or rack presses are products that can be manufactured entirely in stainless steel.
We also have the possibility of manufacturing stainless steel pneumatic presses.

Whatever your requirement, we provide you with a solution adapted to your needs to carry out stamping, cutting, bending operations on sheets or sheets of different materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc.) assembly and riveting.

Our expertise leads us to manufacture presses used in many sectors such as the medical sector, perfumery, food industry, pharmacy, chemistry and electronics.

200kg presses for parachemistry, perfumery, cosmetology
Made entirely of stainless steel