Applications : Cutting out


Cutting strips of metal parts

Strip cutting is a common operation in the production of metal parts. Cutting consists of partially or completely separating areas of the same band in order to obtain the desired shape.

EMG pneumatic presses are very suitable for small and medium series cutting of small dimensions.
For large series, EMG mechanical presses are by far the most productive process for cutting metal strips. The presses can be integrated into production lines including unwinders, rectifiers, feeders and can work at speeds of up to 240 strokes per minute for the 6T press.
It is also possible to work on a case-by-case basis, with manual insertion into the tool of the part to be cut.

The choice of the press will be made according to several criteria:

  •     The force required for cutting
  •     The characteristics of the tooling (dimensions and stroke)
  •     The desired rate.

Simple theoretical calculations make it possible to estimate the power requirement for all cutting operations. Do not hesitate to contact us.