Applications : Bending

Bending by manual, mechanical, pneumatic, hydropneumatic and pneumatic presses


Bending is an operation that consists of deforming the material into a fold or shape defined by a forming tool (punch and die).

During deformation, the outer part of the sheet's fold stretches while the inner part is compressed, causing sometimes large variations in thickness on the sheet. When designing the part it is important to anticipate these variations in thickness as well as possible.

For bending, there are several abacuses with values of "K coefficient", "fish coefficient" or "Young's modulus" adapted to each type of material but experience is, by far, the best ally of the point transmitters.

EMG manual presses are able to perform this type of operation, but pneumatic presses, hydropneumatic presses and mechanical eccentric presses are by far the most suitable for bending because the force required is generally higher than what a manual press can offer.