Accessories for presses to increase productivity

EMG has developped various accessories for its press machines: automatic vertical screen, electronic guards, soundproofing boxes, complete feeding line for band and other accessories.
These options ensure incresaed productivity, high technological process monitoring and reliable force stroke. 


EMG automatic vertical sreen

Thanks to the automatic touch sensitive screen - providing front and side protection - and pedal control cycles, the operator can work with both hands free for loading parts with less fatigue and muscle strain . This option gives you about 20% increased productivity with complete safety. Doors are articulated on hinges providing full access for quick easy tool change.



EMG electronix guards

The EMG mechanical presses may be fitted with a simple or programmable electronic safety guard on request. A programmable guard automatically controls the press starting cycle after the operator has entered a pre-programmed crossings in the electronic guard beam (8 maximum). This innovation also ensures maximum safety while greatly improving press productivity.



EMG soundproof boxes

In order to decrease significantly noise level from 15 to 18 dB, a soundproofing box can be set on your EMG mechanical press on request. The air extraction, with a flow up to 1500 m3/h, is made with a fan equipped with a muffler. The user can access to the press thanks to articulated doors on the front, rear and left/right sides. We deliver this soundproofing box on palett ready-to-set up.



EMG feeding line for band EMG feeding line for band EMG feeding line for band

On request, we can fit your press with a complete feeding line set, delivered with the press and ready to work.

  • decoiler
  • straightener
  • feeder, cutter


EMG lubrication accessories

Many different ways can be adapted to lubricate your strip
lubrication with wet rollers
lubrication with micro-lub spraying system
The equipment is delivered with the machine already connected.

Digital indicator of the slider travel
EMG digital indicator of the slider travel

Save time and precision for the bottom dead center fine adjustment thanks to a digital indicator of the slider travel

With this digital indicator, the user can clearly watch the press power in order to stop the press in case of overloading pre-determined value.

Pneumatic cushion
EMG can offer you a wide range of bottom strippers
  • rubber cushions
  • nitrogen cushions
  • pneumatic cushions
standard products or according to your needs