Manual bench presses

Power from 200 kg to 500kg
Stroke from 0 to 530 mm

EMG manual bench presses benefit a cost effective investment with various features such as stamping, crimping, riveting and forming thus with high hand press reinforcement.
These presses are robust, accurante, flexible and ergonomic.

Pneumatic bench presses

Power from 360 kg to 6 000kg
Stroke from 0 to 100 mm

EMG pneumatic bench presses offer competitive price in consideration of product quality.
These crimping presses ensure ergonomy, operator safety and process reliability. They are frenquently used for assembly, connections of rings or bearings, small forms, and various crimping operations.
There are two pneumatic presses range:
- Direct push double effect presses from 360 kg to 1t
- Indirect push double effect presses from 2t to 6t.

Impactor marking presses

Power from 600 kg to 6000kg
Stroke from 25 to 45 mm

EMG impactor marking presses deliver a constant and precised power regardless of the load applied on the lever. These presses are found in numerous workshops. They have an adjustable impact force and a mechanism which forbidding the double impact return effect.

Mechanical eccentric presses

Power from 6 T to 80 T
Stroke from 4 to 120 mm

EMG mechanical eccentric presses are performance oriented in watchmaking, jewwellery, mechanical optics, electrical and electronic machines, automotive industry, electrical goods, toys, locksmithing..
These presses are guaranted with optimum quality and unparalleled productivity.

Hydro-pneumatic presses

Power from 6910 kg to 30650 kg
Stroke from 50 to 400 mm

EMG hydro-pneumatic presses proceed with compressed air type only.
These presses combines the advantages of both pneumatic and hydraulic systems, without any adverse effects (no noisy and dirty hydraulic motors, low air consumption...). The operating principle of EMG hydro pneumatic cylinders is to divide the entire stroke into 3 parts: fast approach, working stroke and return stroke.

Special presses

EMG PRESSES proposes special tailor-made equipments, perfectly adapted to specifications and production contraints.