Application of manual, mechanical, pneumatic and hydropneumatic presses


EMG presses offer opportunities for many applications due to the range of solutions offered

Press assembly of metal parts

The assembly links several parts together to form a new product. The assembly can be elastic or rigid, fixed or articulated, permanent or removable. Learn more about manual, pneumatic or hydropneumatic press assembly.

Stamping by pneumatic or hydropneumatic mechanical press

The stamping of the metal parts gives them a new shape by cold or hot plastic deformation. Learn more about stamping parts by mechanical, pneumatic or hydropneumatic press

Cutting by pneumatic or mechanical press

The cutting of metal parts partially or completely separates areas of the same strip. Learn more about pneumatic or mechanical press cutting

Riveting by pneumatic or hydropneumatic press

Riveting is the final assembly of thin, distinct metal parts. Learn more about riveting by pneumatic or hydropneumatic press

Folding by manual, pneumatic, hydropneumatic or mechanical press

Bending deforms the material into a fold or shape defined by a forming tool. Learn more about manual, pneumatic, hydropneumatic or mechanical press bending

Cutting and/or formatting with a tool to be followed on mechanical presses

The cutting and formatting of metal parts is carried out by mechanical presses for the manufacture, in large numbers, of complex parts carried out in several consecutive operations but in a single press stroke. Learn more about cutting and forming with a mechanical press