Applications : Assembling

Mechanical assembly and manual, pneumatic or hydropneumatic presses


An assembly is a process by which several parts are joined together to form a unit. With a press you can carry out the mechanical assembly. It can be rigid or elastic, articulated or fixed, removable or permanent.

This assembly can be carried out using a manual, pneumatic or hydropneumatic press combined with a tool composed of two elements:

- the lower part, fixed on the press table to receive the receiving part

- the upper part for the installation of the element to be assembled. These parts are generally guided to ensure a perfect assembly.

Manual presses are ideal for assembly, but we advise you to use pneumatic or hydropneumatic presses when the quantity of parts to be produced each day is significant (>500 parts/day). This increases operator comfort and prevents work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs).

Applications of assembly presses:
  •     Assembly of ball bearings.
  •     Assembly of guide rings.
  •     Mounting of threaded or tapped inserts
  •     Assembly of seals with steel cage.
  •     Pin assemblies.
  •     Installation of springs under stress, screw fixing and release of the stress.
  •     Installation of gearwheels on an axle.