Applications : Assembling

An assembly is a technique to create a connection between several parts to form a whole. Parts of the same material (steel, aluminum, stainless steel, alloy, plastic...) or of different materials can be assembled. It is possible to mechanically assemble different shapes and sizes of parts with a manual, pneumatic or hydropneumatic press. This assembly can be rigid or elastic, articulated or fixed, removable or permanent.

Mechanical assembly and manual, pneumatic or hydropneumatic presses


Assembly is a process commonly used in many industrial sectors requiring a connection between several materials. It allows the production of parts of all shapes and sizes which can be disassembled unlike welding. The strength of the connection point is nevertheless very high. Several assembly methods exist, each of which meets specific needs, such as riveting or clinching.

Several types of presses are capable of assembling metallic materials: manual, pneumatic or hydropneumatic presses. To do so, a specific tooling must be associated to the machine. It is composed of two elements :
- the lower part, fixed on the table of the press allowing to receive the receiving part
- the upper part for the positioning of the element to be assembled. These parts are generally guided to ensure a perfect assembly.
The manual presses are perfectly suitable for assembly when it comes to assembling small series or for occasional assembly. When it is necessary to assemble large series (more than 500 parts/day), the pneumatic presses and hydropneumatic presses are the most suitable. 

Indeed, the latter offer a greater repeatability and thus a gain in productivity. Certain systems complementary to the main action of the press can be automated, such as the feeding of rivets when the assembly is carried out by the riveting process. The power of these machines also makes it possible to reinforce the comfort of the operator and to avoid the TMSLT (work-related musculoskeletal disorders).

Applications of assembly presses:

It is possible to assemble a multitude of parts between them according to the many kinds of industrial activities. For example, it is possible to make a: 

  •     Assembly of ball bearings.   
  •     Assembly of guide rings.
  •     Mounting of threaded or tapped inserts.
  •     Assembly of seals with steel cage.
  •     Pin assemblies.
  •     Installation of springs under stress, screw fixing and release of the stress.
  •     Installation of gearwheels on an axle.

Our teams are at your disposal to provide you with the assembly press best suited to your needs and indicate you how to choose the machine according to your activity.