Accessories : Special enclosures and protective systems

Designer and manufacturer of special parts and protections for presses

Thanks to its R&D department and its integrated production, EMG designs and manufactures protective equipment, screens, protectors, made to measure and adapted to all of its industrial presses, for its entire range of pneumatic presses, eccentric mechanical presses, hydropneumatics presses and marking presses.

Special custom-made protective enclosures for press

A wide range of options and adaptations is possible to meet the needs of each application: EMG undertakes to design the equipment and to develop protective enclosures for standard and special presses adapted to each industry.

Example of a special custom-made protective enclosure for an 80t mechanical press

grille spéciale sur presse 80t

Carried out a plan at the request of a customer, which will have integrated all the automation parts.

The control panel is also supported on a wheeled frame.

Sensitive button and electronic guards on 3T LP pneumatic press 

Presse avec commande bimanuelle

This is a bent tube sizing application for the automotive industry.

In addition to the characteristics of this large press with a clear height of 300 mm, stroke 54 mm, and a swan-neck depth 180mm, the features of this press are:
  • Electric control and cycle start by a sensitive button
  • Operator protection by electronic guards
  • LED lighting in the swan-neck depth

presse 3T spéciale


Total protection enclosure and HMI control on press

The application of powder compression on this pneumatic press required the development of specific equipment to protect the operator with a complete enclosure system:

  • Electrical control and cycle start by the HMI (Human-Machine Interface)
  • End of cycle when a predefined compressive force is reached (force sensor)
détail pupitre de commande presse

enceinte complète sur presse

Wide special parts for large rooms

grilles spéciales sur presse

For this crimping application, we have made special parts allowing the passage of 1500mm pieces suitable for a pneumatic press with a clear height of 300mm, a stroke of 100mm, and a swan-neck depth 180mm with LED lighting

  • Electric control and cycle start by a two-hand control
  • Operator protection by electronic guards

Détail presse


Customised protective enclosure for press and remote control panel
Special equipment on an 80t mechanical press