Machines : Used reconditioned presses

Used equipment, we are selling fully reconditioned presses in our factory; completely disassembled, inspected and checked, with refurbishment of parts that may show signs of wear or malfunction.
EMG PRESSES guarantees these used presses, most of which are traded in from our customers, they benefit from the same performance requirements as new equipment, while having the long-term reliability for which the reputation of the brand is known.
Table dimensioning
Clear height
Swan-neck depth
Presse mécanique d'occasion 25 tonnes
Stroke :
5 » 75 mm
Table dimensioning :
550x400x48 mm
Clear height :
300 mm
Swan-neck depth :
210 mm
Presse mécanique d'occasion 15 tonnes
Stroke :
5 » 75 mm
Table dimensioning :
450x320x40 mm
Clear height :
300 mm
Swan-neck depth :
180 mm

A virtuous approach for the environment

At a time when environmental protection is a concern for all, the reconditioning of machines, tools and industrial equipment has become as obvious as necessary. At EMG, we wish to bring our stone to the building while proposing a service of quality at reduced price to our customers of all horizons.  

Your activity requires the punctual or intensive use of a press and you have a small budget, we put all our resources to work to meet your needs. 

Our commitment

Even though they are second-hand, we are committed to offering you presses that are completely dismantled, overhauled and inspected, with any parts that may be worn or malfunctioning being refurbished to a state as close as possible to a new machine. 

Completely reconditioned, our presses offer the same performance requirements as our new presses. Their long-term reliability contributes to the excellent reputation of our brand. We guarantee our used presses which are trade-ins from our customers. 

Less expensive than a new machine, we guarantee the best price to meet your needs with a very short delivery time when we have the press model you need. 

Depending on the field of activity, you can buy second hand : 
- a manual press,
- a pneumatic press
- a mechanical press
- a hydropneumatic press
- a marking press. 

Manufacturer of special machines, we are at your disposal if your need is specific to your activity. 


Our know-how and our expertise allow us to propose presses for many industrial sectors. Thus, you can find at EMG reconditioned presses for the following applications:
- assembly,
- stamping,
- cutting-out
- riveting
- bending, 
- cutting/shaping.